The Social Club

In the context of the IBA GmbH i.L. the results of the IBA Fürst-Pückler-Land from 2000 to 2010 were documented in the last two years. They can be found in the storehouse of knowledge. To make the knowledge and networks of the IBA accessible to others, a relevant form of organisation was required. It was created with the foundation of the IBA Study House Lausitzer Seenland e.V. based in the former IBA office in Großräschen. This non-profit organisation provides the framework to study the past IBA work as well as for the further development through new ideas and projects based on the IBA process. The social club supports the creative development of the Lusatian Lakeland as well as the entire region Lusatia-Spree Forest and seeks for partnerships with Lusatian colleges and other national and international universities. This might help to focus the public eye on the region with its increasing touristic potential.

The non-profit social club primarily does not follow economic purposes.

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