The Concept of “Opencast Mine Explorations for the Senses”

From the beginning of the IBA, the transitional landscapes played a special role within the framework of the IBA process. One, the pits with their desert-like appeal resulting from mining, can be explored for only a limited period, that is, until flooding begins to eventually transform them into lakes. Two, the almost unimaginable experience of walking the bottom of a future lake was intended as a form of participation in the history and future of this changing landscape. For the IBA Lausitz, the goal was to make exhausted brown coal mines accessible for the first time through guided tours, thus allowing people to explore sections of a landscape that had been off limits for decades.

In 2001 IBA commissioned the “Institut für Raumwahrnehmung und -entwicklung” with Karsten Feucht and Rainer Düvell to develop a concept for opencast mine explorations for the senses in this transitory landscape. Guided walks into opencast mines had already been successfully undertaken in this part of Germany.

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Tours into the Landscape of Opencast Mines

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